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What’s a sworn translation?

In Spain and Poland, as well as within the UE territory, we call sworn, certificated or official translations the kind of translation of documents written in foreign language, which is carried out to take legal effects before a determined official body. Sworn translations must always bear a stamp and a signature of the sworn translator, besides, at the last page an attestation is added confirming their character together with a register number to identify them.


Who may provide sworn translations?

In Spain and Poland sworn translations may be carried out by sworn translators authorised respectively by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC) and the Ministry of Justice, to translate from a foreign language into Polish or Spanish and vice versa.

Personally, I’m authorised to validate with a rubber stamp in both of the countries.


How much does a sworn or ordinary translation cost?

It varies depending on the length of the text to translate. We would be glad to pass you a quote as soon as possible and without any additional costs. Contact


How long does it take to translate?

One or two-page documents are usually hand over within 24h or upon client’s needs, for more extensive projects we offer all kinds of solutions and facilities. Contact


What are the available payment methods?

By bank transfer or by direct payment into the bank account, it’s also possible to pay when you pick up the translation in person.


Is it necessary to send the original document for a sworn translation?

No, scans or high definition photos are enough and it’s not necessary to come by. We work in a global way and try to simplify things for you.


What are the methods of sending sworn translations?

By registered letter or we put them at the disposal of the courier service, if the client wishes to contract personally this type of service. It’s also possible to pick up them at the office, if you live close to Pontevedra.


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Our goal is your satisfaction

Sworn or ordinary translation from Polish – Spanish – English